Super League | England - an overview

The England Women’s Super League Football or (FA) Super League is the flagship of female professional football in England. It is the top level of the English Women’s football league system with a worldwide following. The WSL is a semi-professional league with only a few full-time players in each club. This looks set to change since the 2019 Cup performances. The League has seen some changes regarding the number of full-time players and wage structure. The origins of the Super League as we know it, dating back to 2010 when the women’s football divisions were separated. There are 12 clubs fighting for the right to belong in the England Women’s Super League. There is no promotion from the Women’s Super League. However, 1st and 2nd placed teams qualify to play in the UEFA Women’s Champions League. Relegation from the Women’s Super League is to the FA Women’s Championship. The three lowest placed teams at the end of the season are relegated.

Participating teams

Arsenal W.F.C., Aston Villa Ladies FC, Birmingham City W.F.C., Blackburn Rovers Women, Brighton & Hove Albion W.F.C., Bristol City W.F.C., Charlton Athletic Women, Chelsea F.C. Women, Coventry United Women, Crystal Palace LFC, Durham City Ladies FC, Everton W.F.C., Leicester City WFC, Lewes W, Liverpool F.C. Women, London Bees Ladies FC, London City Lionesses [W], Manchester City W.F.C., Manchester United W.F.C., Reading F.C. Women, Sheffield United Women, Tottenham Hotspur F.C. Women, West Ham United F.C. Women

Related stadiums

Academy Stadium - Manchester City W.F.C., Adams Park - Reading F.C. Women, Cheshunt Stadium, Damson Park - Birmingham City W.F.C., Kingsmeadow - Chelsea F.C. Women, Leigh Sports Village - Manchester United W.F.C., Meadow Park - Arsenal W.F.C., Prenton Park - Liverpool F.C. Women, Rush Green Stadium - West Ham United F.C. Women, Select Security Stadium - Everton W.F.C., Stoke Gifford Stadium - Bristol City W.F.C., The Hive Stadium - Tottenham Hotspur F.C. Women, Withdean Stadium - Brighton & Hove Albion W.F.C.