First Division A | Belgium - an overview

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As one of the smallest footballing countries in Europe, the Belgium First Division A packs a very powerful punch. Some of Europe’s top players started in this league and have gone on to be top of their game in the UK, Germany, and Spain. The First Division A is the top league competition for professional football in Belgium. Previously known as the Belgium Pro League, this league has 16 teams fighting for the right to play in Belgium’s top league. The season is split into a Regular Season and the Playoffs round. During the Regular Season, teams play the usual format of one away and one home game. At the end of that round, they enter the Playoff section of the season. In the Playoff stage, the league is divided into Top and Bottom, or Playoff 1 and 2. Playoff 1 is the top 6 placed teams. These teams play for the league title and entry to the Champions League and the Europa League. The top placed team also play in the Belgium Super Cup. Playoff 2 are the teams placed 6th – 15th. These teams fight for the right to stay in the First Division A. The team at the bottom of the table at the end of the Playoff round is relegated to First Division B. There is no promotion from the First Division A, but the top two teams at the end of the season qualify for the UEFA Champions League. Third and Fourth place qualify for the Europa League.

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Participating teams

Cercle Brugge, Club Brugge, KAA Gent, KAS Eupen, KRC Genk, KV Kortrijk, KV Mechelen, KV Oostende, KVRS Waasland-Beveren, RSC Anderlecht, Royal Antwerp, Royal Excel Mouscron, SV Zulte Waregem, Sint Truiden VV, Sporting Charleroi, Standard Liège

Related stadiums

Close Stade du Pays de Charleroi - Sporting Charleroi, Bosuilstadion - Royal Antwerp, Constant Vanden Stockstadion - RSC Anderlecht, Cristal Arena - KRC Genk, Daknamstadion, Freethiel Stadion - KVRS Waasland-Beveren, Ghelamco Arena - KAA Gent, Guldensporen Stadion - KV Kortrijk, Jan Breydel Stadion - Cercle Brugge, Club Brugge, Kehrwegstadion - KAS Eupen, Oscar Vankesbeeck Stadion - KV Mechelen, Regenboogstadion - SV Zulte Waregem, Stade Le Canonnier - Royal Excel Mouscron, Stade Maurice Dufrasne - Standard Liège, Stayen - Sint Truiden VV, Versluys Arena - KV Oostende

First Division A Standings

1KRC Genk Logo KRC Genk303263
2Club Brugge Logo Club Brugge303256
3Standard Liège Logo Standard Liège301453
4RSC Anderlecht Logo RSC Anderlecht301551
5KAA Gent Logo KAA Gent30850
6Royal Antwerp Logo Royal Antwerp30549
7Sint Truiden VV Logo Sint Truiden VV301147
8KV Kortrijk Logo KV Kortrijk30243
9Sporting Charleroi Logo Sporting Charleroi30042
10Royal Excel Mouscron Logo Royal Excel Mouscron30040
11SV Zulte Waregem Logo SV Zulte Waregem30-1133
12KAS Eupen Logo KAS Eupen30-2332
13Cercle Brugge Logo Cercle Brugge30-2428
14KV Oostende Logo KV Oostende30-2327
15KVRS Waasland-Beveren Logo KVRS Waasland-Beveren30-1327

First Division A | Regular Season Standings

1Club Brugge Logo Club Brugge203849
2KAA Gent Logo KAA Gent221942
3Royal Antwerp Logo Royal Antwerp221542
4Sporting Charleroi Logo Sporting Charleroi211840
5Standard Liège Logo Standard Liège221538
6KV Mechelen Logo KV Mechelen22-134
7SV Zulte Waregem Logo SV Zulte Waregem21331
8KRC Genk Logo KRC Genk21231
9RSC Anderlecht Logo RSC Anderlecht21227
10Royal Excel Mouscron Logo Royal Excel Mouscron22-127
11Sint Truiden VV Logo Sint Truiden VV22-1426
12KV Kortrijk Logo KV Kortrijk22-822
13KAS Eupen Logo KAS Eupen22-1720
14KVRS Waasland-Beveren Logo KVRS Waasland-Beveren22-2320
15KV Oostende Logo KV Oostende22-2018
16Cercle Brugge Logo Cercle Brugge22-2811

First Division A | Championship Round Standings

1KRC Genk Logo KRC Genk101152
2Club Brugge Logo Club Brugge10850
3Standard Liège Logo Standard Liège10140
4Royal Antwerp Logo Royal Antwerp10-439
5KAA Gent Logo KAA Gent10-535
6RSC Anderlecht Logo RSC Anderlecht10-1132