Premier League 2 (U 23 Level) | England - an overview

The Premier League 2 was previously known as the U21 Premier League, this level was updated to increase the age limit from under-21 to under-23. This is the most senior level of the youth league. Category 2 are the senior youth age from the Professional Development League. This competition is split into two regional divisions. Division One and Division Two. Category 1 is split into two regional divisions. Division One and Division Two.

Participating teams

  • Arsenal FC U23
  • Aston Villa FC U23
  • Birmingham City FC U23
  • Blackburn Rovers FC U23
  • Brighton & Hove Albion FC U23
  • Burnley FC U23
  • Chelsea FC U23
  • Coventry City FC U23
  • Derby County FC U23
  • Everton FC U23
  • Fulham FC U23
  • Ipswich Town FC U23
  • Leeds United FC U23
  • Leicester City FC U23
  • Liverpool FC U23
  • Manchester City FC U23
  • Manchester United FC U23
  • Middlesbrough FC U23
  • Millwall FC U23
  • Newcastle United FC U23
  • Norwich City FC U23
  • Reading FC U23
  • Southampton FC U23
  • Stoke City FC U23
  • Sunderland AFC U23
  • Swansea City AFC U23
  • Tottenham Hotspur FC U23
  • West Ham United FC U23
  • Wolverhamption Wanderers FC U23

Premier League 2 Division 1 | Regular Season Standings

1Chelsea FC U23 Logo Chelsea FC U23181438
2Leicester City FC U23 Logo Leicester City FC U23181535
3Brighton & Hove Albion FC U23 Logo Brighton & Hove Albion FC U23181031
4Derby County FC U23 Logo Derby County FC U2318127
5Liverpool FC U23 Logo Liverpool FC U2317026
6Arsenal FC U23 Logo Arsenal FC U2318025
7Everton FC U23 Logo Everton FC U2318-122
8Manchester City FC U23 Logo Manchester City FC U2318121
9Blackburn Rovers FC U23 Logo Blackburn Rovers FC U2317121
10Tottenham Hotspur FC U23 Logo Tottenham Hotspur FC U2318-321
11Southampton FC U2318-2415
12Wolverhamption Wanderers FC U2318-1411

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