Serie A Women | Italy - an overview

The all Italy Serie A Women is Italy’s answer to the famous Serie A. Footballing passion runs deep in Italy, and not just for the men’s football leagues. Women’s football in Italy has been around since the late 60’s. It has progressed to some of the best football in Women’s European football. The Italy Serie A Women or Italian Femminile Serie A is the top-flight of professional women’s football in Italy. Twelve teams play for the Italian Women's Cup and the Italian Women's Super Cup, as well as qualification to the UEFA Women's Champions League. The league format is set up for each team to play both home and away games. Each season totalling 22 games. There have been three top players throughout the Italian Femminile Serie A history. Each of them has managed to score a staggering 50+ goals in a season. Elisabetta Vignotto, Patrizia Panico and Chiara Gazzoli. There is no promotion from this league, but the two teams finishing in the top two positions at the end of the season qualify for the UEFA Women's Champions League. The bottom two placed teams are relegated to the Italian Femminile Serie B.

Participating teams

  • A.S.D. Sassuolo Calcio Femminile
  • AC Florentia Femminile
  • AC Milan Femminile
  • AGSM Verona Calcio Femminile
  • AS Roma Femminile
  • Asd Anima E Corpo Orobica CF Femminile
  • Empoli Ladies FC
  • Fiorentina Women's FC
  • Inter W
  • Internazionale Milano (Women)
  • Juventus FC Femminile
  • Pink Sport Time Bari
  • UPC Tavagnacco Women
  • Verona W


1Juventus FC Femminile163844
2Fiorentina Women's FC152535
3AC Milan Femminile152035
4AS Roma Femminile162434
5AC Florentia Femminile16-224
6A.S.D. Sassuolo Calcio Femminile161023
7Internazionale Milano (Women)16-719
8Empoli Ladies FC16-219
9AGSM Verona Calcio Femminile16-2312
10Pink Sport Time Bari16-1511
11UPC Tavagnacco Women16-2310
12Asd Anima E Corpo Orobica CF Femminile16-451

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