Eredivisie Women | Netherlands - an overview

The Netherlands Eredivisie Women or Eredivisie Vrouwen is translated to Dutch Honor Division Women’s. This is the top-flight of professional women's football league in the Netherlands. Its origins started in 2007 when it was commissioned by the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB). Since then the Dutch and Belgium women’s leagues have merged to form a single combined league. This is known as the BeNe League, which was eventually replaced by the Eredivisie for the 2015–16 season. Since the introduction of the Belgium leagues and the change to the new (2016) format, the season has been split into two parts. The Regular Season is determined by a triple round-robin with three games being played. Home and way and a lottery draw. The second part of the season is the Play-off. The top four teams from the regular season form a champions group. The remaining groups form a Placement group. Each group plays a double round-robin (home and away) game in each group. The points accumulated at the regular season are halved and added to the points of the play-off stage rounds. Teams in the Netherlands Eredivisie Women competition play for the KNVB Women's Cup and placement in the UEFA Women's Champions League. There is no relegation from the Eredivisie Vrouwen.

Participating teams

  • ADO Den Haag Vrouwen
  • AFC Ajax Vrouwen
  • FC Twente Vrouwen
  • PEC Zwolle Vrouwen
  • PSV Eindhoven Vrouwen
  • SBV Excelsior Vrouwen
  • SC Heerenveen Vrouwen
  • VV Alkmaar


1AFC Ajax Vrouwen266
2PEC Zwolle Vrouwen214
3PSV Eindhoven Vrouwen113
4SC Heerenveen Vrouwen213
5ADO Den Haag Vrouwen203
6FC Twente Vrouwen2-21
7VV Alkmaar1-40
8SBV Excelsior Vrouwen2-30

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