Ekstraklasa | Poland - an overview

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The Poland Ekstraklasa is the top level of men’s professional football in Poland. Known as the PKO BP Ekstraklasa for the 2019/20 season due to a sponsorship deal with the Polish PKO Bank. There are 16 teams that contest the right to be crown the Ekstraklasa champion. A 30-game home and away round-robin tournament is played to determine the season split. At the end of the opening round-robin, the league is split into two groups. The top eight teams enter the Championship round, where they play for the league title. The bottom eight teams go into the Relegation round, where they fight to stay in the league. Relegation from the Ekstraklasa feeds into the I liga. The bottom three teams are relegated. There is no promotion from the Poland Ekstraklasa, but the top team qualifies for the UEFA Champions League, with the runner up entering the 2nd stage qualifying round. Third and fourth qualify for the Europa League. One further Europa League place is determined by domestic cup competition.

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Participating teams

Arka Gdynia, Cracovia Kraków, Górnik Zabrze, Jagiellonia Białystok, Korona Kielce, Lech Poznań, Lechia Gdańsk, Legia Warszawa, Miedź Legnica, Piast Gliwice, Pogoń Szczecin, Rakow, Raków Częstochowa, Wisła Kraków, Wisła Płock SA, Zagłębie Lubin, Zagłębie Sosnowiec, ŁKS Łódź, Śląsk Wrocław

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Ekstraklasa | Relegation Round Standings

1Wisła Kraków Logo Wisła Kraków37449
2Korona Kielce Logo Korona Kielce37-1247
3Górnik Zabrze Logo Górnik Zabrze37-546
4Śląsk Wrocław Logo Śląsk Wrocław37444
5Arka Gdynia Logo Arka Gdynia37-242
6Wisła Płock SA Logo Wisła Płock SA37-841
7Miedź Legnica Logo Miedź Legnica37-2540
8Zagłębie Sosnowiec Logo Zagłębie Sosnowiec37-3129

Ekstraklasa | Championship Round Standings

1Piast Gliwice Logo Piast Gliwice372472
2Legia Warszawa Logo Legia Warszawa371768
3Lechia Gdańsk Logo Lechia Gdańsk371667
4Cracovia Kraków Logo Cracovia Kraków37257
5Jagiellonia Białystok Logo Jagiellonia Białystok37357
6Zagłębie Lubin Logo Zagłębie Lubin37953
7Pogoń Szczecin Logo Pogoń Szczecin37352
8Lech Poznań Logo Lech Poznań37152

Ekstraklasa | Regular Season Standings

1Śląsk Wrocław Logo Śląsk Wrocław171133
2Pogoń Szczecin Logo Pogoń Szczecin17732
3Legia Warszawa Logo Legia Warszawa171632
4Cracovia Kraków Logo Cracovia Kraków17930
5Piast Gliwice Logo Piast Gliwice17228
6Wisła Płock SA Logo Wisła Płock SA17-427
7Lech Poznań Logo Lech Poznań171126
8Jagiellonia Białystok Logo Jagiellonia Białystok17626
9Lechia Gdańsk Logo Lechia Gdańsk16424
10Zagłębie Lubin Logo Zagłębie Lubin17222
11Raków Częstochowa Logo Raków Częstochowa17-622
12Górnik Zabrze Logo Górnik Zabrze17-717
13Korona Kielce Logo Korona Kielce17-1315
14ŁKS Łódź Logo ŁKS Łódź17-1214
15Arka Gdynia Logo Arka Gdynia17-1314
16Wisła Kraków Logo Wisła Kraków16-1311