Superliga Feminina | Spain - an overview

The Spain Superliga Feminina or Liga Femenina Iberdrola is officially the Primera División de la Liga de Fútbol Femenino. This is Spain’s most upper league of Spanish Women’s Football. A league that has known by many names over the years, including Superliga Femenina, División de Honor and Liga Nacional. The current sponsorship deal means that the Primera División de la Liga de Fútbol Femenino is known as the Primera Iberdrola, or Liga Femenina Iberdrola. The woman’s professional game dates back to 1988. It has dominated the sport for most of that. Sixteen teams play in this league, with each team playing a home and an away game. Trophies include the league cup and the Copa de la Reina. At the end of the season, the top two teams qualify for the UEFA Women's Champions League, with third and four placed clubs entering the Europa League. The bottom two teams of the Spain Superliga Feminina at the end of each season are relegated to the Segunda División

Participating teams

  • Athletic Club Femenino
  • Atlético Madrid Femenino
  • CD Tacon (W)
  • CD Tacon W
  • CD Tacon [W]
  • CDEF Logrono (Women)
  • Dep. La Coruna W
  • Deportivo de La Coruna (Women)
  • Eibar W
  • FC Barcelona Femení
  • Granadilla Tenerife [W]
  • Levante UD Femenino
  • Madrid CF Femenino
  • RCD Espanyol Femenino
  • Rayo Vallecano Femenino
  • Real Betis Féminas
  • Real Sociedad Femenino
  • Santa Teresa W
  • Sevilla FC Femenino
  • Sporting De Huelva
  • UD Granadilla Tenerife Sur
  • Valencia CF Femenino

Superliga Feminina Standings

1FC Barcelona Femení73721
2Atlético Madrid Femenino101421
3UD Granadilla Tenerife Sur9720
4CD Tacon (W)9919
5Levante UD Femenino71116
6Madrid CF Femenino7615
7Real Sociedad Femenino8415
8Valencia CF Femenino10213
9Athletic Club Femenino10113
10Sevilla FC Femenino8312
11RCD Espanyol Femenino9-610
12Santa Teresa W9-1910
13Eibar W8-48
14Real Betis Féminas9-127
15CDEF Logrono (Women)9-134
16Rayo Vallecano Femenino6-103
17Sporting De Huelva8-133
18Deportivo de La Coruna (Women)9-173

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